Simple Moves

Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

The moment has finally come where you finally move into your new home. You have spent your life savings paying for the home you have always dreamed of. With keys in hand, your next big concern is how you plan on furnishing it. You don’t have enough money to hire an interior decorator, and it’s… Continue reading Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

Utility Tips for Moving

Utility Tips

With so many things to do during the moving process, forgetting tasks can happen quickly. Whether you are writing things down or not, proper planning and preparation are essential to a successful move. Often we forget to handle one of the most critical aspects like disconnecting utilities from your old home and connecting them to… Continue reading Utility Tips for Moving

Ultimate Moving Checklist


Transferring furniture and household goods from your old house to the new one goes more smoothly if you plan. That’s why we’ve come up with this checklist that starts eight weeks before moving day and even includes what you need to do after moving day. Eight Weeks Before: Declutter and purge. Room by room decides what… Continue reading Ultimate Moving Checklist

Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

Moving a corporation may be more stressful than moving your home and family. You may not have control over many aspects of a corporate move because you must follow a specific guideline that the company provides. Most people are entirely unfamiliar with how to prepare for corporate action. Unfamiliarity can cause many headaches and stress.… Continue reading Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

How to pack moving boxes

How to pack moving boxes

If you plan to pack your boxes, you must do it correctly. Failure to do so can result in damaged items that your moving company may not reimburse you for. Additionally, correct packing methods will make unpacking that much easier. So to make sure you’ve packed your belongings in the best way possible, follow these… Continue reading How to pack moving boxes

Know Your Moving Rights

moving rights

What You Must Know For every good move that someone experiences in dealing with the moving industry, there is at least one lousy move someone will experience. Most bad moves are due to the lack of knowledge of the rights that you’re given during your move. All moving companies that you consider assisting you with… Continue reading Know Your Moving Rights

How to change your address when moving

How to change your address when moving

Changing your address is not the most challenging part of moving, but it is a tedious task compared to packing your belongings. Making sure everyone who needs your new address has gotten easier over time with online address forms, but remembering is the hard part. Whether you are moving locally or moving long-distance, you need… Continue reading How to change your address when moving

Hot to Move a Hot Tub

How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot tubs give you the relaxation you have been yearning for after a long day at the office. When it’s time to move that therapeutic tub filled with peace, the biggest question is how? There are options; you can move it yourself, hire someone, or choose not to move it at all. Hot tubs aren’t… Continue reading Hot to Move a Hot Tub

General Storage Tips

Moving and storage are two sides of the same coin. Chances are if you’re moving, you have to put some of your stuff in storage. And unless you’re paying the moving company extra to use their storage building, chances are you’re going to have to rent a self-storage unit. You know the ones: those boxy, mini-warehouse buildings that line the… Continue reading General Storage Tips

Types of Moving Estimates

“How much does it cost to move?” This question is one of the most widely used questions that moving companies hear daily. For years, customers have had dreadful moving experiences that made their move horrific, none of it directly associated with the actual move. From terrible customer service, unprofessional movers, and the biggest, the actual… Continue reading Types of Moving Estimates