Simple Moves

Preparing to Move Overseas


It’s an exciting time in your life because you are making a big move overseas. A million questions are going through your mind on top of all your packing and moving worries. So while you research moving companies to help make your international move, make sure you have these four things under control before your… Continue reading Preparing to Move Overseas

Cleaning Tips For A New, But Used Home

Cleaning Tips For A New, But Used Home

One of the worst feelings you can get when first walking into your new home is the feeling of disgust. The floors are dusty, the walls are black, the bathroom is grimy and filled with hair from the previous tenant, the kitchen has dried up food stuck to the floor, and your head is spinning… Continue reading Cleaning Tips For A New, But Used Home

Moving During The Summer: Do’s And Don’ts

Summer is for barbecues, days spent by the beach, air conditioners, and a host of relaxing activities.  Yet, with that in mind, summer remains a popular time to move. With a low risk of inclement weather, no snow, and clear roads – it’s convenient for families and working professionals. British Columbia has some scorchers, so… Continue reading Moving During The Summer: Do’s And Don’ts

4 Telltale Signs That You’re Ready To Move

Moving is a significant life change. It is one of the most meaningful life changes one can undertake next to marriage and children. Moving shakes up your entire environment and can invite changes into your professional and personal life. As with most life changes, it’s normal to be uncertain! Moving house is scary, and it’s… Continue reading 4 Telltale Signs That You’re Ready To Move

Inter-provincial vs. Intra-provincial Moving

Canada Movers

Are you wondering what is the difference between Inter-Provincial and Intra-provincial moving? For example, moving within BC is an Intra-provincial move, or within province moving. However, Inter-provincial moving is between provinces, for example, BC and ON. Knowing your rights and being fully educated on your move are essential to having a successful move. Most people… Continue reading Inter-provincial vs. Intra-provincial Moving

Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

The moment has finally come where you finally move into your new home. You have spent your life savings paying for the home you have always dreamed of. With keys in hand, your next big concern is how you plan on furnishing it. You don’t have enough money to hire an interior decorator, and it’s… Continue reading Furnishing Your New Home Without Going Broke

Utility Tips for Moving

Utility Tips

With so many things to do during the moving process, forgetting tasks can happen quickly. Whether you are writing things down or not, proper planning and preparation are essential to a successful move. Often we forget to handle one of the most critical aspects like disconnecting utilities from your old home and connecting them to… Continue reading Utility Tips for Moving

Ultimate Moving Checklist


Transferring furniture and household goods from your old house to the new one goes more smoothly if you plan. That’s why we’ve come up with this checklist that starts eight weeks before moving day and even includes what you need to do after moving day. Eight Weeks Before: Declutter and purge. Room by room decides what… Continue reading Ultimate Moving Checklist

Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

Moving a corporation may be more stressful than moving your home and family. You may not have control over many aspects of a corporate move because you must follow a specific guideline that the company provides. Most people are entirely unfamiliar with how to prepare for corporate action. Unfamiliarity can cause many headaches and stress.… Continue reading Tips on Moving a Corporate Office

How to pack moving boxes

How to pack moving boxes

If you plan to pack your boxes, you must do it correctly. Failure to do so can result in damaged items that your moving company may not reimburse you for. Additionally, correct packing methods will make unpacking that much easier. So to make sure you’ve packed your belongings in the best way possible, follow these… Continue reading How to pack moving boxes