Local Moving Company

Relocating locally in Metro Vancouver? Your Simple Moves crew comes with a Team Lead, so you can be confident that you are choosing the Best Local Vancouver Movers! Painless, we promise!

Moving to Storage

Sometimes your new home isn't ready before you need to leave your old home. Other times you are leaving the country for a big vacation and need to store your prized possessions, while you are away. We hope it's the vacation, but whatever it is, Simple Moves has helped people in your situation about a 1000 times. Let us help you, too!

Dedicated Long Distance Moving

Are you moving long distance? Like, moving to Alberta, moving to Nanaimo or moving to Kelowna? We strictly move one shipment at a time and without wasting even a minute while getting there.

Packing Services before Moving

Grandma left you a whole set of China and now it needs to move?
If you rather have pros pack it, insure it and deliver it like magic, then let us know.

Container or Truck Loading and Unloading Help

If you already have a truck or container lined up but loading it looks scary, our Moving Labour Service is here to help you with that! We know the specifics for most situations, and bring you tools to have your shipment held in place!

Dedicated Moving service to the US

Leaving Canada? Bold move (get the pun)! Joke aside, moving to the US has some serious rules and we know those rules.

International (Overseas) Moving

We take you everywhere, except the North and the South Pole! With global warming right around the corner, soon we might be able to! We know, save the wits... So, get us handle the process for you, specific to your destination!

Vehicle Shipping

Got something cool in the garage? Maybe, you just want to save on the gas and tires and of course, the hassle of driving! Have it shipped through us and get door to door service. Kinda like having a your personal chauffeur while you're flying the distance! Simple Moves gets your vehicle there without a delay!

Vancouver's Office Movers and Warehouse Moving

Got everything organized, just need someone to take it over? The Simple Moves crews know that your files and computers are super important to handle well and we have the tools and brains to move your 99 piece desk. Office moving is easy! Also need your warehouse stock moved, soon? You may have crates, palettes, shelving, or just individual items, but a lot. Great!

Qik Maids

New! Hire Maids to clean your space before moving in and after moving out. The maids are in-house trained employees.