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Based in Vancouver, Simple Moves is proud to provide premium moving and storage services to city residents and those located in Mainland BC. With our passion for providing BC residents with quality relocation services, we are committed to helping everyone in nearby communities with their moves – whether large or small. Our main goal is to ensure that all BC residents’ moves are stress-free and most importantly, simple!

Our main service areas include:

Simple Moves is also excited to announce that we have since expanded our moving and storage services to the Halton Region and Greater Toronto Area in Ontario! We are thrilled to bring our moving and storage expertise to residents of Southern Ontario, helping them with both small and larger scale moves across both urban, suburban and rural landscapes.

More About our Service Areas


As our home base, Vancouver is the most populous city located in BC’s Lower Mainland region. With over 600,000 residents, Vancouver is a large seaport city well-known for its breathtaking landscapes and urban sprawl. The Greater Vancouver area boasts over 2 million people in total, making it the third-largest metropolitan area in all of Canada.

Given Vancouver’s diverse coverage, the Simple Moves team is experienced with helping city residents with moves of all sizes and scales. Whether you’re a student at one of Vancouver’s many institutions, a young professional moving into a new apartment, a new condo owner or a family looking to move from the urban jungle to a larger space, there’s nothing our moving team can’t handle.

North Vancouver

Vancouver’s North Shore (also known as North Vancouver and West Vancouver) can be seen from downtown Vancouver. It’s a term commonly used to refer to several areas beside the Metro Vancouver area, such as the District of West Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains and the District of North Vancouver. Given its close proximity to nature, stunning scenery and room for more outdoor recreation activities, many city residents relocate to North Vancouver in search of a less hectic, more spacious living situation. Whether you require movers in Vancouver, the North Shore mountains or just north of the city, we’ve got you covered.


Located just east of Vancouver, Burnaby is another populous city in British Columbia – with the third-largest population just after Surrey and Vancouver. Given its location at the geographical centre of the Metro Vancouver area, Burnaby is surrounded by the Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River.

Burnaby is also home to some of the highest ratios of park land and agricultural territory. Home to many industrial and commercial firms, Burnaby is a popular relocation choice for many Vancouver residents seeking the perfect balance between a metropolitan life, close proximity to employment opportunities and more affordable city living. As such, Simple Moves provides quick and efficient moving services and storage units in Burnaby.


Coquitlam is the sixth-largest city in British Columbia, with a population that just surpasses 100,000. Located just east of Vancouver, the city connects with the Fraser River and is close to popular landscapes such as Burke Mountain, Eagle Ridge and the tall Coquitlam Mountain.

Like Burnaby, Coquitlam is a popular relocation choice for many Vancouver residents or even residents from other nearby Lower Mainland cities. Mainly a suburban city, it offers a quieter landscape and more affordable housing solutions for families. Simple Moves is proud to offer a full spectrum of services for moving and storage for Coquitlam residents, both old and new.


Located south of the Fraser River, Surrey is also found just north of the Canada-US border. It’s also the second-largest city by population in British Columbia, just after Vancouver – as well as the third-largest city in the province by land area.

Like other Lower Mainland cities, Surrey offers a more suburban lifestyle when compared to the Metro Vancouver area. Many families or residents in search of a less hectic city life choose Surrey as their next destination.

This means that our packers and movers visit Surrey quite often! As one of our most popular relocation cities, Simple Moves provides both premium moving services and storage services in Surrey.


Langley (also referred to as the City of Langley), is a city located just in the eastern part of Metro Vancouver. It is surrounded by the north, east and south areas of the Township of Langley. Home to 17 public parks, including nature trails, wildlife and sporting fields, it offers both a suburban and scenic experience for those who relocate to the city.

Langley is also a popular choice for Vancouver residents looking to seek a quieter living, all while staying within close proximity to the city and its amenities. As such, commuting between Vancouver and Langley is very common. For those relocating to the area, Simple Moves provides moving and storage services for your needs.

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a city located in the northeastern region of the Greater Vancouver area, found just between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears. Those looking for a more community-oriented, small-town living often love the transition from bigger city life to Maple Ridge’s attractions – ranging from nature trails, agricultural sector, community events and friendly neighbourhoods.

At Simple Moves, we ensure our services cover both metropolitan and suburban areas all across the Lower Mainland. For your ultimate peace of mind, we have ensured our movers provide Maple Ridge residents, both old and new, with moving and storage services to meet their every need.

Need to store your items before, between or after a move? We also provide safe and secure storage units in Maple Ridge to keep your belongings safe.

Halton Region and Greater Toronto Area, Ontario (NEW!)

Under our secondary branch, It’s the Right Move brings our premium moving services to Southern Ontario. With the same commitment to detail and levels of high-quality care, the Simple Moves team is ready to help Ontario residents with their moving and storage services, ensuring their peace of mind at every step of the moving process.

Based in the Halton Region, our team now offers unparalleled moving services to residents of the Greater Toronto, Halton and Hamilton regions, in addition to nearby communities.

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Our secondary company, It’s a Right Move, now also offers our premium moving services to residents of Southern Ontario!

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