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We understand how stressful and inconvenient it is to relocate! Simple Moves is a Guaranteed Price Mover and by following the Simple Moves Promise List, we can provide You with a Moving Plan for a Hassle-Free moving experience. Your super friendly, trained, and uniformed movers-team:

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Simple Moves Protecting Antique Glass Furniture

Pays special attention to your needs.

Notice, how we wrapped this China cabinet into blankets, then covered it with cardboard?

Simple Moves Protects Your Home

Places home protectors.

Some of Your movers have stinky feet, so they’d rather cover your floors than take off their shoes. (Just kidding, a little.) We also cover the railings.

Protective Vancouver Movers

Pad-wraps your furniture.

We wrap everything. Like, do you see a car in the picture? You can’t, because our movers were worried that they could damage it, so they covered it with pads.

Mattress Bags

Protects your mattresses using bags.

It is important that your movers in Vancouver and elsewhere, protect your mattresses from getting dirty. We cover every mattress, no questions asked.

Simple Moves Complimentary Wardrobe Boxes

Provides with complimentary wardrobe boxes.

Have you ever tried transporting your clothes in bags? What a pain! That’s over, we will bring, load, transport and unload the boxes for you! Easy!

Simple Moves Furniture Moving

Looks after dismounting and rebuilding most furniture.

Your beds, tables, mirrors, China cabinets, bookshelves and other items will need disassembly for safe transportation! Let us take care of that and rebuild them too!

Place items in the appropriate rooms

Places items in the appropriate rooms.

Yikes, all boxes in the garage? Forget it, we will take each item where they belong once you labeled them.

Happy Movers

Smiles and makes the process more enjoyable for you.

Grumpy movers, again? Say no and book Simple Moves!