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Award-Winning, Large Move Specialists at Promised Prices

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Simple Moves provides Award-Winning, Large Move Specialists at Promised Prices. Following an in-person Consultation, we can present You with a Move Plan for a premium moving experience.


We Promise:

Friendly Movers are Simple Moves

Friendly and easy-going movers in Canada.

Grumpy movers, again? Instead, say yes to booking Simple Moves!

Simple Moves Protecting Antique Glass Furniture

Extra attention to your concerns.

Notice, how we wrapped this China cabinet into blankets, then covered it with cardboard?

We are one of the Best Vancouver Moving Companies & adhere to strict safety guidelines while moving your items.

Simple Moves Protects Your Home

Premium protection for your property and possessions.

We cover your floors, railings and furniture.

Simple Moves Complimentary Wardrobe Boxes

Unlimited wardrobe boxes.

Have you ever tried transporting your clothes in bags? What a pain! That’s over, we will bring the wardrobe boxes for you, and after use, we will take them away! Easy! We have a great experience in providing Moving Services in Vancouver & have built a strong customer base.

Simple Moves Furniture Moving

Easy furniture dismounting and rebuilding.

Your beds, tables, mirrors, china cabinets, bookshelves and other items will need disassembly for safe transportation! Let us take care of that and rebuild them too!

Place items in the appropriate rooms

Staging your new place.

Yikes, all boxes in the garage? Forget it; we will take each item where they belong once you labelled them and organize it in a way you prefer! We can take care of moving even your office items as we are perfectionist Office Movers in Vancouver.