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Moving Out Of Vancouver: How To Prepare For A Long Distance Relocation

Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

290,487  Canadians relocated around the country last year. There are many reasons for leaving a city or province — opportunities for work, being closer to family, a new adventure, further education, or a fresh start. Whatever has inspired your long-distance move, the preparation and actual relocation can be hugely stressful, compounded by all manner of unforeseen issues. 


Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Home is where the heart is, they say, and when the heart is in Vancouver, relocating could easily break it. Using a professional moving service will significantly alleviate the hassles and stresses of your move. 

Why book a dedicated professional moving service for a long-distance relocation?

It’s human nature to acquire and build up a long list of personal belongings over a lifetime. Beloved furniture pieces, coveted artworks, useful appliances, and rare treasures are what turn our houses into homes. The last thing you want is to have your precious items traveling a great distance in the wrong hands. 

Saying goodbye to friends, colleagues, and family while dealing with all the relocation admin is hard enough. Booking a team of dedicated long-distance removal specialists will lift a huge weight off of your shoulders – pun intended. Here’s why:


  • Professional movers have the knowledge and experience to contend with complex moves.
  • A professional service can assist with careful wrapping and packing to ensure your valuables are safe and secure for the journey.
  • Professionals bring the muscle — moving bulky furniture is laborious and physically demanding; let the pros do the heavy lifting.
  • Efficiency — trust professional movers to get the job done on time and without incident.
  • Peace of mind — focus on the details of your relocation with the assurance that what is precious to you is in safe and reliable hands. 
  • Your property will be safely loaded onto a van that is exclusive to you and you alone – no sharing with strangers and no risk of your items ending up in the wrong place. 

Getting ready to go the distance 

A little effort goes a long way, and taking the time to organize your belongings before your move saves you much hassle when it comes to unpacking. Sort and arrange your valuables by category before packing boxes, especially delicates and breakables, and label and number everything clearly. 

Wrap glassware and delicate items in bubble wrap or packing tissue; polystyrene beads are also effective in filling the voids that allow for unwanted shifting and knocking in transit. 

If you include notes and instructions on the boxes — fragile, this way up, etc. — make them bold. Keep like with like: clothes, electronics, kitchen, bathroom, business, tools, collectibles, miscellaneous. It is helpful to create an inventory of your possessions with color-coding and numbering systems. 

Numbering is particularly helpful when disassembling and packing furniture. Create a separate list of parts for units that have been disassembled, numbered piece by piece. And do not discard the appropriate manuals for assemblage. Pack all files, manuals, and important papers into a dedicated container. 

Bureaucracy sucks, but it’s gotta be done

Often, in the overwhelming confusion of relocating, it is easy to overlook the less obvious necessities. A change of address — particularly when moving city, state, or province — is not without complication. For one, you will be required to change your contact details with a number of service providers, such as your bank. Make a list of the service providers that will require this information and inform them systematically. Inform your GP and dentist, too; they will have to forward your medical history on to the appropriate offices. Consider the following contacts:

  • Government
  • Current employer
  • Bank
  • Insurer
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Friends and family

Relocating can be a taxing and harrowing process, but it does not have to be. Clever planning and preparation beforehand will greatly ease your move. For the rest, rely on the pros to facilitate this massive and often overwhelming undertaking quickly, safely, and efficiently. What’s more, the right distance relocation team can get to your new home ahead of your arrival and start unpacking and assembling the essentials. Before you select a professional moving service, be sure to ask them how extensive their offering is and make your selection based on how efficiently your needs will be met. 

When you choose Simple Moves for your inter-provincial migration, you can rest assured that our GPS will be set to your new address, and our team of movers will be solely dedicated to you and your family. If you’re leaving Vancity and feeling a little sad, it helps to have a convoy of friendly faces to make the transition as smooth as possible. We’ll take every precaution to make sure your relocation is a successful one.


And hey, if you ever want to come back home, you just call us, we’ll come and getcha.