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Dedicated Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving Company Near Me
Long Distance Moving Company Near Me

Leaving Metro Vancouver?

Use a Dedicated Long Distance Moving Company! We can get you out of here, faster than a snail riding a turtle! (That’s a joke referring to a service called “long-distance moving on a shared truck”, which you shouldn’t get).

Sure you can share your ride when moving from Vancouver to Toronto, but do you have to?

Long Distance Moving to Toronto, for example, would be probably more inexpensive when your shipment is sitting on a truck with 5 other peoples’, but you are running a few risks, too. Let’s look at the costs and benefits:

  • Costs of sharing a Long Distance Moving truck with others (“van line move”)
    • You could get unlucky and your shipment ends up mixed together with someone else’s. Rare, but you don’t want to be the person whose mattress was dropped off in Saskatoon, halfway to Toronto at a different person’s place. Now they’re sleeping on it and don’t even know.
    • It takes …….forever……. to get your possessions this way because your movers will have to stop 4 more times, wasting a lot of your precious time. Two weeks is typical and fair but beyond that someone is wasting your time.
    • Your truck driver/mover guy will be stressed out because he/she will be most likely already late from those other 4 clients’ place. Not a good start to your long journey, in fact, if your mover is stressed out, imagine how stressed out you could feel in that moment?
    • You won’t know that your shipment is there… until it’s there. Remember, the other 4 people are also waiting for their shipments and now the chance for complications are over 4x. How much could it cost you to wait around for your possessions, say all day on a sunny Saturday, just to learn that your movers are not coming ’til tomorrow?
  • Benefits of sharing a truck with others
    • Costs less (because you are running those risks)

Okay! The list of benefits of sharing with others is almost empty, now let’s look at the costs of getting a Dedicated Long Distance Moving Service:

  • Costs of having your own Dedicated Long Distance Moving Containers
    • You are getting premium service and eliminating risks, so naturally, it costs more.
  • Benefits of having your own Dedicated Long Distance Moving Truck
    • Faster service, on time delivery. We pick up your furniture and deliver it right away, without wasting time!
    • All your furniture is safe from getting mixed up with another person’s as everything is shipped in locked containers. Imagined how mad your cat/dog would be smelling another animal’s hair on your furniture.
    • Your movers arrive fresh and happy, knowing that they are working on a project that was planned well and their minds and focus are devoted to You and only You. Stress – minimized, hassle – low!
    • Continuous updates on what scenic route or cute little town your shipment is currently traveling through, so you can plan your life with greater certainty. Say no to wasting time and get your shipment when you were promised!

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