Caring Movers are Best

Just imagine that today is the day when your long time planned move is about to begin. Saying goodbye to the place which holds so many memories and beginning a new chapter in life is always scary. How to survive moving? Simple Moves is one of the best and the most caring moving company and it is here to help! Every single move and its details are pre-planned.

It all starts with a phone call.

Simply give us a date, number of bedrooms or offices you would like to move and we will choose the best option for you. Simple Moves mainly provides the moving service after an in-person consultation. Meaning, our Move Consultant will visit you during hours that are convenient for you. Here, we answer any questions or doubts you could have, before you say ‘Yes’ to booking your caring movers! Of course planning the move only costs you about one hour of your time!

What are the ingredients of a successful move?

Movers and a truck – the answer naturally comes to mind, however, there is much more that Simple Moves does for you. Your movers ‘bring to the table’: furniture and home protection, complimentary wardrobe boxes, clean mattress bags! We are also an insured moving company. We carry workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance and movers’ cargo insurance. This way you are not liable for movers’ injuries and we have enough coverage to repair or replace damaged items (which we have to do very rarely, by the way). Simple Moves provides all of these advantages. Your furniture, floors, railings – no matter the size of your move, you can always expect your belongings to be covered and handled with care. Wardrobe boxes (which can always be provided by the movers if there is a need) will be perfect for your clothes and you won’t have to wonder how the clothes will look like after they’ve been moved while being stuffed into bags or smaller boxes. Forget about searching for the right tools and spending your time working with the furniture assembly! Simple Moves is happy to help you with that – Your movers can easily disassemble and reassemble your furniture and do some ‘home staging’ in your new place.

What if you are not sure about the packing?

It can be difficult to decide which boxes to use, how to pack the glass so it doesn’t break during the move and so on. Simple Moves takes care of this easily, because we hire only nice, caring movers who we also train. Your movers always follow our strict safety guidelines and are eager to help. Your movers are not only concerned about the safety of your belongings but also communicating with you throughout the move. You will not find an unfriendly mover working for Simple Moves – that is a fact! Whenever you book a move with your friendly and caring movers, expect that the workers will arrive with smiles. Your movers will also inform you about everything during the move. Moreover, before and after we will call you to confirm your move, so you will always be in the light. Simple Moves is the company that cares about its customers and that is one of the many reasons why Simple Moves were among the top 3 best rated moving companies in North Vancouver in 2018 and why it received HomeStars’ Best of 2018 and 2019 award.

Simple Moves Canada, we are caring movers

We believe that it is really important to move into a new home or office with happiness. Thus, you can count on your movers to take care of you and your new home!