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Have you ever dreamed of opening your own business? Here’s your chance!

“I wish I controlled my own time!”

“I wish I could afford an all-inclusive trip somewhere south…twice this year!”


Does this sound familiar? A Simple Moves Local Ownership can help you get there!

Simple Moves Canada Movers

Work with a brand-well-known

If you ever tried building your business from scratch, you know the value in working with a well-known brand. Take the shortcut and become known, credible and trusted on day one!

Simple Moves Protects Your Home

Quality Move Provider

Because your clients expect quality moving services, a Simple Moves Local Ownership makes a lot of sense. See reviews of Simple Moves to understand what our Clients love the most about their local movers.

SimpleMoves.ca Awards

Award Winning Family

Imagine being able to tell your Clients, Friends and Family that you are now part of an Award Winning system! How would that feel?

Simple Moves Canada Professional Movers

Friendly People

People do business with People and not Companies, and coincidentally we are the friendly type. This is one of the most important values we share in the Simple Moves Family and for good reason: love makes the World go around.

Simple Moves Software

Proven Platforms

Using strong technology that makes our lives significantly easier is imperative. That is why we sourced the best software and made it all better with writing our own code in some instances.

SimpleMoves.ca Percent

Lightweight Costing

We created a friendly, upfront investment structure. Here are the estimated costs of starting a Simple Moves Local Ownership:


Territory: $50,000
Vehicles and Equipment: $50,000
Marketing: $10,000
Insurance: $3,500
Professional Fees: $1,500
Extra Cash: $15,000

Total: $130,000

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