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Frogbox Moving Boxes


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We can help with that: if you order Frogbox, tell them that Simple Moves & Storage sent you there, and your promo code is move-simple.

The moving company Simple Moves & Storage recommends Frogbox as an efficient packing solution!

Tips on using Frogboxes from our professional moving company:
1) Be sure to cover your hardwood floors before placing hard plastics on them.
2) Distribute the weight evenly inside the Frogbox and ensure the weight of the entire box does not exceed 30 lbs.
3) Order both the large and small Frogboxes, if available.
4) The labels should be on the side of the Frogbox, so it is easy to read when they are stacked up in our moving trucks.
5) If you are moving on your own, be sure to stack them only 2-3 high on a metal two-wheel dolly or use a carpeted four-wheel dolly. Push the box in the middle, not the top one, because they tend to slide off.
6) Many awkward-shaped and larger-sized items will have to be packed into a tall box. Yes, probably cardboard.
7) Hire Simple Moves to help you with the moving part. We are experienced in moving Frogboxes.

After that, head to our packing instructions section for the Ultimate Packing Guide!