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Hot to Move a Hot Tub

How to Move a Hot Tub
How to Move a Hot Tub

Hot tubs give you the relaxation you have been yearning for after a long day at the office. When it’s time to move that therapeutic tub filled with peace, the biggest question is how? There are options; you can move it yourself, hire someone, or choose not to move it at all. Hot tubs aren’t cheap, and spending more money on finding someone to help you with your hot tub move might discourage you. If you select moving your hot tub, you must know your hot tub well, on the inside and out.

There are moving companies that do move hot tubs, but some, if not most, aren’t specialized in the field. If you plan on moving your hot tub on your own, it will require substantial personpower and even some brainpower as well. There are different types of hot tubs, and they are constructed differently. To avoid damaging your hot tub, speak with the manufacturer to learn best practices for moving a hot tub.

Moving on Your Own

Moving a hot tub on your own is no easy task, but you can have the proper equipment to get the job done at most. You will start by making sure you have an appliance dolly, tow straps, 4×4 lumber, and of course, some helpers. Next, you will need to disconnect heaters, filters, pumps and all electrical and plumbing units. If you do not remove equipment, it could severely get damaged during the hot tub move. Ensure all the items are drained and packaged separately so you can safely reinstall them into your hot tub once the move is complete.

Once you’ve removed the equipment pack, you can now safely and securely relocate your hot tub. However, before you start moving your hot tub, use a vacuum to suck out any water that might be left in those hard-to-reach places. Not all water escapes when you initially drain the hot tub. From this point, you should have no problem moving the hot tub.

Hiring Movers

If you decided to use movers, they usually drop the hot tub where you would like it to be permanent. Also, before the movers leave your home and hot tub forever, check the hot tub for any damage that might have occurred during the relocation of the hot tub.

If you do not feel comfortable moving an expensive item such as a hot tub, do not risk it. Use moving services. Some hot tub moving services are affordable. If you did decide to move the hot tub by yourself, be ready for arduous work, though it’ll make sitting in the hot tub worth it in the end.