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How Much is the Tip You Should Give Movers?

Moving in or out of a new residence or office requires you to hire the services of professional movers. They make the moving process easy for you and keeps your things in the same condition, safely. The job requires proper handling and care of tables, chairs and other furniture in your home or apartment.

How Much is the Tip You Should Give Movers?
How Much is the Tip You Should Give Movers?

But, have you thought of giving them a tip for the hard and diligent work they are doing? How much is the right tip you should hand them?

Full Truck Move (Half Day)

Moving your belongings takes some time so you have to consider the tip you would give them. Movers on a half-day moving work require a payment of $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the distance of the truck to your home or apartment. For the tip, a $10 tip is sufficient if the moving team only moves a couple of chairs and boxes. However, you may tip $20 for each mover if they have to climb stairs to execute the moving process.

Full Truck Movers (Full Day)

The work on a full day covers 8 hours, so you need to consider the complexity of the work together with the amount of furniture the moving team is going to transfer. For moving a small number of belongings, it would be reasonable to give each mover a tip of $20. It’s fair considering the hard work and the non-stop carrying of the items in and outside the house.

However, you could even add an extra cash tip if the team moves heavy equipment or furniture. The right tip amount would be about $40 per person.

Special Moves

There are instances when the moving team works overtime to finish the moving process that might extend to 12 hours or more. In this case, you may consider not only the things the team carries but also the overtime they spend moving. So, if you plan to give them a $40 tip, you might consider adding $10 to it to show you are grateful for the difficult tasks they did.

Furthermore, the tip also depends on the entire moving cost of the service together with the distance the moving team is about to travel. For example, the total charge is $3,000 it is sufficient to give each man 100 dollars if they have to work over time and need to carry very heavy belongings such as the piano, the fridge or even a long oak desk or table.