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Are you planning a move? Have you searched for packers and movers near you with no success, or wondering where to find reliable moving and storage in Maple Ridge? Look no further! You can trust the Simple Moves team to take the load off and treat your prized possessions like our own.

Simple Moves is a locally-based home movers in Vancouver. We specialize in assisting individuals in moving their house contents from one location to another, creating a new home and making a fresh start.

Our team is dedicated to the safe and secure transport of our client’s belongings. Our reliability and professional service are the reasons why Simple Moves is a trusted name for all things related to moving and storage in Maple Ridge, Vancouver and cities across BC’s Lower Mainland. Whether it’s a big or small move, we will take the stress out of moving for you.

Simple Moves also assists locally-based businesses, such as offices, to relocate to new premises by safely loading, securely moving, and carefully offloading all of the contents. Short-distance moves are easy and stress-free, with a prestigious service provider that is reputable and well-trusted in the community.

Ready to use the best moving services near you? Simple Moves is a reliable name with a special interest in exceeding the expectations of service delivery. Our primary goal is to relocate your possession with simple moves, hassle-free.

Our Local Moving Services

If you’re based in Langley, Simple Moves is one of the best-priced moving companies near you. We service both businesses and individuals with their moves. We are always excited to be part of someone’s new start by helping to move precious valuables to a new place.

Our passion has earned us a reputation as one of the residential movers in Vancouver delivering the best service — always with a smile. Our teams are trained on the best practices for lifting and loading heavy items so that you can be assured of the safety of your most precious possessions.

What can you expect when you make use of Simple Moves for your moving journey? A simple, stress-free move. As it should be. When you enlist our services, we assure you that you’ll enjoy:


Prompt Service and Timely Arrival

Moving is stressful, even when everything goes to plan. The amount of packing, planning and organizing it takes to arrange a successful move can be challenging. It takes each and every team member to do their part as efficiently as possible so that each event can go off smoothly.

You can expect a timely arrival from our teams and fast and efficient loading times when you use Simple Moves as your moving service in Surrey.

Loading and Packing

Simple Moves offers move-out cleaning in Vancouver. Breakables, antique collectibles and prized furniture require a gentle, but certain hand when it comes to packing and loading. Exceptionally heavy items require strength to be lifted and a team knowledgeable in the correct procedure for handling these items.

This prevents injury but it also safeguards your precious belongings, ensuring nothing is manhandled or dropped.

Premium Moving Services

The Travels

Short-distance moves are low-risk by nature but nevertheless, providing exceptional service requires us to take every precaution. Our drivers are experienced and know how to move your possessions with care while on the road.

Efficiency is also key in our promise to deliver excellent service. We ensure we arrive at your new premises as swiftly as possible, making the entire process as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Why Choose Simple Moves?

Our moving team will handle everything for you. All you have to do is move and ensure that we have access to both premises at the necessary time. Arrive at your new home or office feeling energized, refreshed and excited.

The stress of rushing around and coordinating each event is left entirely for us to achieve.

Simple Moves make moving simple. We are an award-winning company offering prestige-quality moving services in Burnaby. We have earned our HomeStars Award, which acknowledges excellence in service delivery in the home, building and contracting business sectors.

The organization that awards this recognition aims to make it easier for homeowners to identify reliable service providers that are known for delivering pleasant experiences. The conditions that are required of a business in order to qualify for this honour are stringent. We have qualified for this.

Our award assures consumers seeking reliable home movers in White Rock, BC, for short distances, that they will enjoy pleasant, efficient service from Simple Moves.