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Move Like a Pro With These Simple Tricks

Moving to a different neighbourhood in your current city or taking a giant leap and venturing off to another province entails the same level of preparation for efficiently packing your belongings. At Simple Moves, we want you to feel confident with your next big move, so we gathered some essential moving tips to help eliminate any cause for stress during your next move.

Pack an Overnight Bag Containing All the Essentials

Sure, you’re packing everything with you, but you can’t forget to set aside some essential items for quick and easy access on the night of your move. That means packing whatever you deem necessary and cannot live without in an overnight bag. Usually, this includes toiletries, comfortable clothes, smart devices, and any daily medications you may be taking. 

It would help if you also considered bringing a first aid kit, as you never know when an accident might occur during the move. It’s best to be fully prepared for anything.

Place the Items You Will Need First in a Clear Plastic Bin

It’s important to consider the order in which you pack your belongings. Ideally, you would pack the items you don’t need immediately first (think heavier things like your living room set, TVs, and so forth).

When it’s time to empty the moving truck, you’ll know what you’ll need first, so pack your most essential goods last. You’ll be able to reach them first, helping you avoid the headache of searching through countless boxes for a critical item. Another good packing tip for moving is to place your most important things in a transparent, labelled plastic container.

Label What’s in the Box and What Room They’ll Go Into

Take away the headache of guessing which box contains what by clearly labelling each one with its contents and the space where it belongs. This simple act will help the moving company work effectively, and you can stay organized when unpacking.

It’s best to pack your electronics securely in a container or their original boxes, with a label clearly stating the contents as fragile. You can also hire a moving company to take on this task for you.

Take a Photo of How Your Electronics Are Connected (To Help You Remember How to Set Up the Wires)

Avoid the stress of setting up several electronic devices to a TV by following one of the most underused moving tips. Taking a snapshot of how your cables are set up before disassembling and packing your electronics will help save you plenty of time when you settle in your new home. We recommend labelling and rolling the wires neatly to avoid any hectic cable untangling at your new house.

Pre-clean Your New Kitchen and Bathroom Prior to Moving

Before unpacking anything in your home, it’s best to have a look to determine if the space is actually clean. Chances are it is not up to your standards of cleanliness, and we believe a room is not clean unless you have done the job yourself (or by a cleaning service company that you trust). We recommend giving your new kitchen and bathroom a thorough scrub to remove any doubt on whether the area is genuinely sanitary.

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