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Moving During The Summer: Do’s And Don’ts

Summer is for barbecues, days spent by the beach, air conditioners, and a host of relaxing activities. 

Yet, with that in mind, summer remains a popular time to move. With a low risk of inclement weather, no snow, and clear roads – it’s convenient for families and working professionals.

British Columbia has some scorchers, so the professional movers at Simple Moves thought we’d share our moving tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts for moving in the summer.


-Start early:

Humidex and UV indicators are low in the morning and usually peak between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. Planning so that your team does the heavy lifting first thing in the morning is crucial for a successful summer move.


This is perhaps the most important component of a safe and successful summer move. When you exert yourself, of course, you will sweat. When you sweat, you lose valuable water and electrolytes. 

When you combine physical activity with high heat and humidity, your fluid loss can almost double. During your move, try and consume at least four litres of water and continue to replenish even after you have settled in.  

Take note that you should be careful to not overdrink, as you will further flush out valuable electrolytes. Alternate water with a healthy sports drink with added electrolytes to ensure you can function at peak performance in the heat.  

Be sure to set aside water bottles for your professional movers as well!

-Turn on the AC in your new home

This is as much courtesy for yourself as it will be for your hired moving services! A cool spot will be a welcome respite from the heat and humidity outdoors.

Air conditioning can also help reduce stale odours in your new home and leave it feeling fresh!

In that vein, be sure to wear light, moveable, and breathable clothing – preferably items you’d wear to the gym or for an outdoor run. This will ensure peak comfort and keep your focus on the task at hand.


-Spend too much time looking for cheap alternatives

When it pertains to a successful move in the height of summer, a professional moving company that knows their stuff is crucial. Additionally, the summer is of course peak moving season – which can inflate prices. Don’t settle for cheap at the expense of thoroughness and efficiency!

A moving company that takes the safety and comfort of their employees seriously will also take your move seriously. 

-Move during a holiday weekend

Not only will moving prices be at their peak during a long weekend, but traffic will be an absolute nightmare. You may not even be able to rent moving services that weekend due to high demand.

In Canada, our summer holidays include:

  • Victoria Day (technically Spring, but still valid!)
  • Canada Day
  • Provincial Holidays for varying provinces usually land on August 2nd

Not too many, but enough to warrant strategic planning!

-Don’t underestimate the amount of prep time

Preparation is key for a successful move – any time of the year. 

This includes the basics of any move:

  • Interviewing and hiring a professional moving company.
  • Strategic packing 
  • Request relevant time off from work
  • Donate and sell unused items
  • Utility cancellation or transfer
  • Transfer home insurance

Consider also that you will need sunscreen, hats, and breathable clothing for 

Hire professionals

Lastly – hire professional movers. They will ensure that your moving job – whether long-distance or local – is done with integrity, professionalism, and with care for your belongings.

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