Simple Moves & Storage

Moving to Storage in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Okay, so you are getting a new place, but not just yet… You need to store things first!

Your Simple Moves Movers know precisely what you are going through because they’ve helped people out in this situation a lot of times. Let them help you too.

There may be a few scenarios why you need to store, let’s see what they typically are.

You are buying a new home, but the new one isn’t built yet.

So now you need to get a rental, and it is costly, you are wondering whether it should be a furnished one or you may decide to move everything there and move it again once your home is ready. Here are a few things we’ve seen before:

  1. The builder is trying hard to get things done, but there are so many people his promise is dependent on, you might actually move later than promised.
  2. The new home is smaller than what the pictures show. Some things will end up in the garage/storage.
  3. The painter still needs to paint your home, and now the movers show up with your possessions.
  4. The elevator did not pass the city check. Let the movers come back another day.
  5. The move ends at a furnished home, but realizing the toothbrush was packed, it’s time to go shopping and buy the duplicates.

Now, here’s what we suggest:

  1. Regularly check in with the builder.
  2. Draw a plan and draw your furniture on the plan. A lot of people have more things and less space than they think. Being comfy is better than feeling like the place is about to blow up.
  3. The painter needs to be there way before the mover, or way after. Be honest with them. Painters like to work with empty walls and not ones that have sofas leaning against them. Paying an extra week of storage is better than paying the painters a premium to push the furniture around.
  4. Always check whether the elevator is in operation in a new build, and there is a key available to lock it off, and a fob to get it going and curtains to protect the strata manager’s heart.
  5. Check what comes with the rental suite. Maybe it comes with a toothbrush, who knows. In case it does not, it is a good idea to pack and keep immediate and essential personal effects separate from the shipment being sent to storage.

Going away from work or going on a vacation and sold the home

We hope you are going to a tropical island to enjoy your favourite drink! Even if you are not, you don’t need to stress over the safety of your possessions because they are kept safe in a dry warehouse. The typical issues to look out for:

  1. Can you keep your furniture stored as long as you need to? Yes, with Simple Moves.
  2. Is your furniture being stored in containers or are moved into a storage locker? Avoid double-handling the furniture.
  3. Can your moving company bring storage to your door? Yes, with Simple Moves.