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Preparing for a Move

Preparing for a move
Preparing for a move

How to prepare for moving? Preparing for a move can turn into a headache if you do not know where to start or how to do it. However, Simple Moves is here to help with some tips and tricks which could help you much to feel as confident as you can before your move.

Preparing for a move
Preparing for a move

First, inventory

It is always a good idea to start with just going around your apartment when you prepare for moving. Keep in mind which furniture pieces to disassemble, how many boxes approximately you will need for smaller items. Think about how you will pack your clothes and which furniture part or package will go where in your new home. If you are unsure about the packing or you need some help with it, your friendly movers from the company Simple Moves can do all the preparation you need. Regarding your clothes, movers can also bring wardrobe boxes which you can use to hang your clothes in, free of charge!

Equipment and tools

Moving can turn into a complicated process if there are big pieces of furniture in your home. It is possible that some of the items will not fit through narrow doorways or staircases. It is a good idea also to take apart some fragile items as some of them might be easier to move in pieces. For disassembly of furniture legs, bed frames, table tops you will need tools. Some of your items will have to be taken apart to transport them safely. Professional movers in Simple Moves have to disassemble furniture on almost every job, so it is a good idea to mention it while you are discussing the details of the move before it happens. The movers will:

  1. Remove the cushions and take apart the sofa if needed.
  2. Unscrew table legs and disassemble the table itself.
  3. Cover furniture with pads.
  4. Remove knobs from dressers or desks.
  5. Remove the headboard and footboard of the bed and fully take it apart.

The movers will assemble everything in your new home; they will have the tools you need. They will be fast but cautious so you won’t have to worry about this, sometimes pretty difficult, process of preparing for a move.

Packing and wrapping

Packing makes your move process more manageable and less time-consuming. Books, food, plates, smaller devices and other small items should fit into boxes. If you have full drawers in your home, the best idea is to empty them and put your belongings into boxes. The movers can then take the drawers and pad them, so they are safe and sound during the move. By the way, if you choose to move with Simple Moves, you don’t have to worry about protecting your valuable pieces. The movers will take good care of them. Every fragile item will be padded or wrapped, no matter the size or shape. You can count on Simple Moves! Movers should never place furniture in the truck without any protective materials. Simple Moves uses pads, mattress bags, bubble wrap and you can expect these supplies on every move.


If you are packing the boxes yourself labelling them makes the job much easier for you as well as the movers. Indicating the room where the package should go as well as marking the contents of the box (for example, ‘dishes’ or ‘bathroom supplies’) is helpful. It will save much time as there will be no need to open the boxes during the move. You won’t have to move around heavy boxes after carrying them to your new home.

Choosing the right moving company in Canada

Keeping in mind all of the points above it is evident that professional movers can save you a lot of work and time during your move. Just picking the cheapest moving company might result in a situation where you will still have to do half of the work. Don’t forget to go over the moving company’s insurance policies to make sure that the relocation company covers your belongings. Lastly, make sure to search if the removals company is well-reviewed and trusted. Hiring the award-winning moving company Simple Moves might be your best option to help prepare for a move and have it hassle-free. Just take a look at our reviews on or Google if you want to know us better!