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Selecting a Professional Moving Company

BBB rated movers
BBB rated movers

We tell our customers that if they are unsure about selecting a professional moving company, they should consult with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an authority on best business practices. They regulate the moving industry and ensure all moving companies are held accountable for the level of service they provide.

Simple Moves & Storage has held an A+ BBB rating since joining the BBB. We have a good relationship with the BBB, which is why we would like to share their tips and recommendations for selecting a professional moving company.

1. Use a company that has been in business for a while or can offer you references which you should utilize and call.

2. Make sure you understand how much insurance the carrier has and what it covers. You may need to purchase extra insurance to protect your possessions.

3. Obtain several written estimates. Keep in mind that the lowest bid may not necessarily be the best when you consider insurance, training, experience, quality of the vehicle, etc. Verify that the cost estimate includes all the items you want moving.

4. Make sure that you get any verbal promises IN WRITING. Make sure the contract specifies the dates & times of your move. Do not sign any agreement with sections left blank. Carefully read and understand the contract before signing.

5. If you are moving long-distance, ensure the moving company inventory the goods to be moved. Supervise the loading and unloading of the truck or arrange for someone else to do so.

6. If damage or loss occurs, have the driver make a special note on the inventory and delivery receipt. Then promptly notify the company in writing, keeping a copy for your files.

7. Remember, if the moving company packs everything, THEY are responsible; if you pack things, YOU are responsible.

8. Avoid the peak moving season from mid-May through late September. As demand increases, costs increase as well.

9. Check invoices to ensure the movers rendered services charged.

10. Last but not least, check and see if the company has any service guarantees that hold them accountable for the level of service they provide. For example, Simple Moves & Storage offers a Promised Price that guarantees the cost of the move and a Move Plan that guarantees moving dates and other aspects of the move.

We hope that these tips help you choose a professional moving company for your upcoming move. For more information please call us!