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Smart Ways to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

Few things are as overwhelming as domestic clutter. Moving into a new space will seem to double the mess with no help in sight. To take care of it effectively, you have to be methodical in how to declutter and make linear progress every day. Luckily, there are moving tips that will help you tackle the overwhelming clutter of a new space.

Here are some smart tips to keep the moving madness at bay:

  • Give yourself time

Tackle your move bit by bit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you consider all the things that need to be packed. But by setting aside a few hours every day, you’ll work through the process in manageable chunks and make sure you have the time to decide what you truly want to bring.

  • Start a necessities box

One of the most important moving tips is to start a moving necessities box. It contains everything you’ll need on the day you move, from hammers and nails to a box cutter. Mark it and keep it together with you while you move so you can dive right in without digging through all your boxes looking for a necessity.

  • Leave the mementos for last

As easy as it should be, a lot of people are guilty of not following these decluttering tips. This is because sometimes it’s hard to let go of old toys. Whether you’re sentimental about your Care Bears collection or can’t part with those Beanie Babies, leaving the choice of what to do with them for last will help you complete your decluttering process without experiencing a lot of frustration.

  • Use the 3-box decluttering trick

Most of your items will be in three categories. You will have things you want to keep and use, things you want to get rid of, and things you are not sure about. It’s best as you go from room to room to separate each item into the appropriate category. This makes it easier for you to decide what to do with them. Once you have separated the items into these three categories, be honest with how much value or enjoyment they are giving you. Ask yourself why you have this item. You do not need all of the things that you have accumulated in your home. 

  • Check expiration dates

As you start packing for your move, resist the temptation to throw the contents of your pantry or medicine cabinet into boxes just because you can’t remember when you got them. If it’s been a while since you’ve used any of the items you’re packing, there’s a good chance you don’t need it anymore. Take some time and think of the last time you used something or smelled it. 

Before you load anything, check for an expiration date. If that jar of garlic powder has been in the cupboard for longer than that, open it up and see how potent it still is. If you can’t smell the spice at all, the jar can be recycled.

Hire a moving company

Since you’ve successfully decluttered your house from room to room, it’s time to get excited about moving to your dream house. To some people, though, the move just seems like one more hassle. In this case, a moving company could be the difference between a seamless and stressful relocation.

How do you find a dependable moving company? Simply use your friends and family for recommendations and check out review sites. It’s an easy way to discover the professionalism and reliability of your moving company.
Not sure where to begin when it comes to hiring movers? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Our moving experts at Simple Moves are here to help you get a stress-free move. Book a top-rated moving company today or call us on 604-238-5650.