Vehicle Shipping Vancouver and Car Movers

Have you wondered how to ship your car in Canada or Internationally?

Vehicle Shipping Vancouver and International Car Shipping
Vehicle Shipping Vancouver and International Car Shipping

We will explain it here how to ship a vehicle

If you are choosing Vehicle Shipping Vancouver inside Canada, you have a few routes to go, but they aren’t all made equal. So here we will explain the differences and give you the good and the bad too.

Car Moving in Canada

Vehicle Shipping Vancouver via Train

  • The best practice is to have your vehicle shipped via train. It is inexpensive, does not add kilometres, wear and tear, and your vehicle is safe in a train car.
  • You get the “door to door vehicle moving service” for the same price as booking the “depot to depot” when you book with Simple Moves (only if you have a sizeable household furniture shipment going with us as well! We have a $10,000 minimum charge for that plus the car shipping and HST)
  • You are allowed to transport an emergency package, and up to 4 spare tires (+1 the one that already came with your vehicle), but shipping any other item with the car is not allowed.
  • Your vehicle has to have a working e-brake, and please have the fuel tank only half-full.
  • This one includes $0 deductible body insurance.
  • Your vehicle may get dusty from its adventure.
  • From BC to the East Coast, it takes about four weeks and costs ~$2500. Vehicle Shipping from Vancouver to Toronto is approximately a 3-week wait and ~$2000. From BC to Alberta is around two weeks, depending on your destination and should cost ~$1200.

Ship Your Car with a Dedicated, Enclosed Trailer Service

  • Let’s start with this: unless you have a precious vehicle, you will not need this service, because it is costly compared to shipping via train.
  • Shipping an enclosed trailer is the safest and fastest way to ship cars, with door to door service and dedicated shipping times.
  • If you live in a remote area, this may make sense, as it’s a faster solution.

Ship Your Car Overseas or International Car Shipping with Containers

  • Overseas shipping is fun! Stuff as many things in your car as you can! You are paying by the volume and not by the weight of your vehicle.
  • Container Car Shipping happens via Container Ships; thus, it takes a long time, wherever you go.
  • Depot to Depot service only, unless you hire a towing truck yourself.
  • Relatively cheap; however, you will have to deal with a lot of documentation and possible extra charges at your destination country. Get an international forwarding company to do it, like All Cargo Express Richmond.

Have someone drive your car

  • Don’t do it.
  • You will not have appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Your car will be accumulating kilometres, burn tires, oil, wipers, and your windshield has a high potential to arrive cracked.
  • You are leaving your car to the elements, and even if the driver is excellent, there is a high chance of accidents.
  • You aren’t saving money on car shipping, and here’s the math. Vancouver to Toronto is 4400 kilometres. An average car’s fuel consumption is ten liters/100 kilometres. Thus we are using 440 litres of fuel, which equals approximately $500. Let’s add a cracked windshield and a popped tire because this one is just unlucky. That’s $100 to fix the tire (without towing) and $50 for a small crack. Change your oil every 5000 kilometres? This is the time to do it: spend another $100. Our cost is $750 for the wear and tear, and we still have to pay the driver… Another $700, and your total is $1450. Shipping via train? ~$1800. Is it worth it? I will let you answer that for yourself.

Car Shipping From Canada to the US

Can Simple Moves Ship My Car to Toronto?

Definitely! As long as you need a more significant household goods moving service to Toronto as well as a car shipping service, Simple Moves will be able to handle things for you. Please get in touch via the form below. (Note that we specialize in significant moves only. There is a bare minimum of $10,000 plus car shipping plus HST tax on each of our Ontario moves)