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What You Can And Cannot Store In A Storage Unit

If you’ve noticed your house is becoming crowded, you may have been looking into different storage solutions. If you’re considering a storage facility, here are some of the things you can – and can’t store. 

You Can Store: Seasonal Items

It’s easy to collect a large selection of decorations over the years, and you may not always have space for them. Storage facilities can be a great place to keep away your Christmas decorations in the summers or any other out-of-season decorations you may have while not sacrificing any of your storage space at home.

You Can’t Store: Perishable Food

One of the number one priorities for storage facilities is keeping everything stored within the units safe. This means taking preventive measures to help ensure that every storage shed is free of things that could cause damage – including bugs. One thing you can’t store is perishable food, such as bread, meat, or even pet food. This is because as it goes bad, it can attract bugs or even small pests like mice, which can cause damage not only in your storage unit but also in those around you. 

You Can Store: Artwork and Antiques

Whether it’s your great-great-grandmother’s antique vanity or the large painting you had to buy but don’t have the room for just yet, you may find that a unit is a great storage solution for artwork and antiques. This will provide a storage solution that will protect your valuables from the elements, such as rain, sunshine or snow.

You Can’t Store: Plants

Like with perishable food, you can’t store plants as they could attract bugs and pests inside the storage unit. Plants also often come with existing pests, such as gnats or mealy bugs, that could cause problems. 

Certain plants could also introduce higher levels of humidity within your storage unit. Paired with the darkness, this humidity could lead to mould growth, which isn’t just a health hazard but could also damage more fragile valuables such as paperwork or artwork. 

You Can Store: Photos, Documents, and Other Papers

Essential documents, your child’s kindergarten drawings, or the two boxes of photo albums you inherited – storage units offer the perfect storage solution for those valuable documents that you may have run out of space for but can’t bear to part with.

You Can’t Store: Flammable Items

Safety and protection are storage facilities’ number one goal. As a result, flammable items such as spray paint, propane tanks, and more aren’t allowed to be stored. 

You Can Store: Out of Use Furniture

Used furniture is probably one of the most common storage unit finds. Whether it’s old couches or tables, storage units can be one of the best ways to store the furniture you don’t need in your current house. This is especially helpful for pieces of furniture that are family heirlooms. You can also store furniture you plan on refurbishing, allowing you to have a safe place for your future furniture while you work on it. 

You Can’t Store: Scented or Wet Items

Like with plants and perishable items, scented or wet items can lead to two significant problems: pests and mould. As a result, these are also not allowed to be stored within storage facilities. 

Final Thoughts

Extra storage space is a valuable addition to any home. However, moving your precious belongings into a storage unit can be difficult, especially with heavier items such as furniture. Simple Moves is a top-rated moving company made up of a team of professionals dedicated to making your move as hassle-free as possible – all while following COVID guidelines. To learn more or to get a quote for your next move, contact us today.