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Moving Checklist

Simple Moves Protecting Antique Glass Furniture
Simple Moves Protecting Antique Glass Furniture

Are you moving in Vancouver?

We want you to be successful, so here’s how to plan for your move!

Cool! …I mean, stay cool! Because we know how overwhelming it can get at times, we want to help you. Let’s see what comes with moving.

Your typical task list

This is what you need to do, preferably 2 months ahead of moving day.

2 months out

  • Find a mover that fits your needs. Ask your friends and read reviews about movers in Vancouver! Some will charge a fixed cost, some will want to come and see what you have and give you an estimate or fixed price.
    Simple Moves created a Hybrid system, to give you options. You could either receive a pretty accurate Flex Quote on our site or call and book an appointment with one of our Move Plan Pros and get a guaranteed plan and price. Nothing beats having someone over of course because our Move Plan Pros will build a plan around your needs, however, the Flex Quote system from Simple Moves asks questions that uncover most moving scenarios that would typically come up to create an accurate online moving quote.
  • Decide whether you want your movers to pack and unpack for you.
  • Let the government know about your address change through one convenient portal:
  • Let your home-service providers know about your address change:
    • Telus phone number 604-310-2255
      BC Hydro phone number 1-800-224-9376
      Treo phone number 604-516-8736
      Shaw phone number 604-629-8888
      Terasen phone number 1-800-224-2710
  • Let your children’s school know about your move.
  • Let your doctors know about your move.
  • Arrange a garage sale or trunk sale and donate your unloved furniture/items. If you want anything gone fast, Simple Moves suggests posting items in the free section of Craigslist. Pro tip: display your address, but not your phone number and mention in the ad that it is a first come-first serve deal! If something was taken, remove it from your listing, so people do not show up looking for what was already taken.
  • If you need to reserve an elevator, or two, do it now!

1 month out

  • Time to start packing! Purchase plenty of packing materials, you can always return the unused items. Packing is exhausting, especially if you are sorting through items as you go. Leave plenty of time for the whole process and do it in 2-3-hour uninterrupted chunks. Pack what you will not need for the next few weeks and leave necessities to two days before the move. Pro tip: Label everything.
  • Create a floor plan of your new home with the placement of your furniture. Label your furniture accordingly, so that your Simple Moves Crew can place everything where it belongs.
  • Notify everyone else that needs to know about your new address, like your banks.
  • Continue packing
  • Start finishing up food from the freezer.
  • Book our painters for a fresh coat of paint in the new home

1 week out

  • Finish 99% of the packing (notice how much emphasis we put on this single task?), including a suitcase or box that has your emergency clothing, a toothbrush (don’t forget the paste) and a can of stinky sardines in stock. Just in case…
  • Arrange for someone to look after your pets, children, parents
  • Book our cleaning service for a good move out cleaning and to arrive into a clean home! We come back to vacuum after the move if it looks like we need to.
  • Save computer files that are important in your cloud storage.

1-2 days before the move

  • Empty freezers and fridges
  • Pack your very last boxes
  • Reserve a 4-car long parking spot for your moving truck

Yay! Moving Day!

  • Charge your cell phone and confirm your number with your Simple Moves Team Lead.
  • Confirm your new address with your Team Lead.
  • Before your crew leaves to have lunch, please do a final walk through to confirm that we moved what we had to, not more or less. This is a crucial step.
  • Wait for your movers at your new home. Remember, they will take a 30-minute lunch before arriving.
  • Show your crew your new home and be prepared to be everywhere at once, so your movers know where exactly they should place your items.

Your Vancouver Moving Company’s task list

Simple Moves strives to make the moving process simple and streamlined by providing a no-frills service backed by solid systems and awesome people. We achieve our results by following the Simple Moves Promise List. During the move, Your awesome-friendly, trained, and uniformed movers-team will:

  1. Pay special attention to your needs.
  2. Place floor protectors.
  3. Pad-wrap your furniture.
  4. Protect your mattresses using bags.
  5. Provide with complimentary wardrobe boxes.
  6. Look after dismounting and rebuilding most furniture.
  7. Place items in the appropriate rooms.
  8. Smile and make the process more enjoyable for you.


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