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Moving Price vs Quality
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The moving price vs quality of the move always goes against each other. If asked what is the most important factor while choosing a moving company most people would answer that it’s the price. It is understandable since everyone wants to have fair trade. Great moving service for a low price – that seems like a fantastic deal! However, choosing the cheapest option is not necessarily the best move (pun intended). Depending on the services and value you, as a customer, are getting, you must consider the moving price vs the quality.

Keeping your belongings safe

First things first – the safety of your home, furniture and items are in the hands of the movers. If you prefer for the movers to finish as quickly as possible, you should keep in mind that they may damage your home or your belongings as they rush through the house. But, if the safety of your items is your priority, you need to allow the movers ample time to finish the professional padding and packing services thoroughly. If you booked the moving company at an hourly rate, consider these two scenarios. Or, you could discuss it during the in-home Consultation where we provide with a “stick to the price” quotation.

At Simple Moves, you are provided not only with the movers and the truck but also with the home protection materials. We include neoprene floor runners, pads, wardrobe boxes. So, if you are planning to move clothes and you don’t want to stuff them, we have got you covered. It is always a great idea to find out if the moving company has all the materials you need before the move. However, if you have decided to do much packing yourself, Simple Moves can also deliver supplies right to your doorstep.

The movers

Another thing to keep in mind is the movers who will meet you on a moving day. It is a moving company’s responsibility to invite the optimal amount of people to do the job as efficiently as possible. However, maybe you are moving from a big house or an apartment with stairs, with a piano, or any other difficult item. If you have concerns, always be sure that enough movers are going to show up when the moving starts. For example, if you need to move a heavy piano from the second floor and only two people show up, well, you will probably need more movers.

Simple Moves will always schedule enough movers according to the scope of the work. Not only that, we promise you that they will be friendly and respectful. That way the experience during the moving day is pleasurable for everyone. Sometimes it may seem that moving is a complicated process and it can quickly get stressful. However, with the right attitude and attention to every single move, it may be an unforgettable event, in a good way.


Last, but not least, you should always make sure that you have coverage for any accidents during your move. Sometimes accidents do happen. However, if you know that a moving company is liable for any damages or movers‘ injuries, you can be sure that you will not have to deal with them yourself. Simple Moves assumes all liability for you over the movers and cargo, company or vehicle accidents. Please be aware that the Canadian Government mandated minimum movers’ liability is 60 cents per pound. Sixty cents per pound is a (ridiculously) low amount and movers who offer to move you at this rate do not possess proper insurance. Simple Moves insures you at $6 per pound and makes no fuss about fixing problems if they occur.

Final Moving Price vs Quality

The final cost of your move will generally also depend on:

  1. The volume of items which you want to move.
  2. The extra services you ask for, like packing items into boxes.
  3. How many items the movers will need to disassemble and reassemble.
  4. How extensively you want the movers to wrap your furniture.
  5. The number of stairs, elevators, hills and the parking situation in general.
  6. The quality of work your mover can provide.

Simple Moves hopes that after your upcoming move you can honestly say „wow, Simple Moves are the best moves!“ and you will consider the moving price vs quality before choosing the right mover for you!