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Full Service Moving Company Coquitlam
Full Service Moving Company Coquitlam
Simple Moves Protects Your Home
Simple Moves Protects Your Home

It is possible that you have decided to move, but you are not even sure if the movers will be able to help you. Maybe you’re wondering if your bed will fit through the doorway or if you need to pack everything yourself. Perhaps you are not sure if the movers will protect your home during the move. Simple Moves takes full responsibility to ensure that the process of moving is as efficient and smooth as possible. No matter if it’s a small or a more significant move, residential moving or office moving, local relocation or long distance removals, you should always expect excellent service. Moreover, we always strive to provide the best service. Here are the typical moving services you can choose from at Simple Moves.

Residential Moves

The most common moves are private ones. They can differ by their size, the number of items which are heavy, hard to move or too big to move in one-piece. The price and the intensity of the move depend heavily on the amount of packaging also. You can always pack everything by yourself, but it is entirely reasonable to expect that the movers you hire will be capable of professionally doing it for you. Simple Moves promises that the movers will always pay particular attention to your needs. They will cover your floor with floor protectors, pad-wrap your furniture and protect your mattresses using bags. The movers will take care of your every concern. It can be pianos, large cupboards, priceless paintings, beds that need disassembly and reassembly – with the many challenges we’ve seen, our experience in moving is dependable!

Long-distance Moving

The other types of moves which are pretty standard are long-distance moves. With Simple Moves, you would typically get a Promised Price. You could also choose our Dedicated Long Distance Moving service which is a lot faster than sharing a large van line tractor trailer.

Office Moves

Office moves are different from residential moves because there is usually much more furniture disassembly and reassembly needed. Simple Moves knows that work computers, files should always be handled discretely. Also, if you’re not sure if it is possible to disassemble the giant board room table, the answer is yes, and you can always depend on your movers, who have much experience with that.

Storage and Warehouse Moving

Storage or warehouse moving is pretty frequent as well. There are lots of moving services available. Sometimes there is a need to store items somewhere until the new home is open and ready. Storage lockers or containers often make this job easy and are the best option. Do you have a restoration or renovation project and you are not sure how to go about it? Do you need a storage container delivered to your home? All of this is possible, and we can do it quickly and stress-free.

Cleaning Services

Last but not least, after choosing from our typical moving services, move in or move out cleanings are also often needed. Simple Moves partnered with move related cleaners, because they are easy to hire, and you can expect their qualified cleaners to take care of your home.


Maybe your move is not included above, but that makes it interesting! Simple Moves is open to any concerns you might have, contact us, and we will help you feel much more confident about your specific move.