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The art of moving pianos

The art of moving pianos vancouver
The art of moving pianos vancouver

Pianos are valuable pieces of art

Pianos are often integrated into the psyche of a family, as an indispensable part of the family itself. There are family heirlooms, moments of precious family time spent around the piano and members of the family playing the piano make them an emotional part of the family. Economic shifts, changes in family dynamics, shifting to new cities, shifting to retirement homes or just moving out of the country, the pianos go with the family.

Pianos are heavy and to be moved only by professionals

Pianos, while being emotionally heavy are also practically heavy and often weigh in at around four hundred to five hundred pounds. Some pianos may even weigh in at more than a thousand three hundred pounds. Moving a piano, therefore is not a task for amateurs who are clueless about how to maneuver a piano through staircases and tight corners.

Piano movers are the niche piano enthusiasts who specialize in moving a piano. The steep cost of a piano and the emotional value attached to the piano make the piano worth a lot more than just the monetary value. People entrust the piano movers to be the best piano movers and get their pianos from one point to another without any damages.

Moving pianos is hard

The task of moving a piano is made harder and often nearly impossible because of rotting stairs, weather conditions and small spaces that have even smaller doorways. Some of the best piano movers are capable of moving a piano single-handed. Piano movers, however, have specialty equipment especially suited to particular types of pianos. The use of the equipment makes it easy to maneuver grand pianos in and out of tight spaces.

The best piano movers have the know-how required to move pianos up three and four-floor walk-ups in the city without a scratch on the piano. They use techniques and equipment that ensure that they are not picking up the piano all the way. The transportation and the packaging that the movers use also make a difference in the effectiveness of transporting a piano.

Trust piano moving professionals to do the move

The technical know-how, the stress and the cost of the equipment required to move a piano make engaging the experts a costly affair. It can be money well spent if the moving company has a good amount of experience with moving pianos of different kinds. Reading the client reviews and asking for references and registrations as applicable can ensure peace of mind for the owners. The moving company representatives often walk into the lives of complete strangers and move an intricate, emotionally vested piece of their lives.