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The Most Common Moving Challenges & What You Can Do About Them

The Most Common Moving Challenges & What You Can Do About Them

Moving can be complicated, especially if you’re doing it on your own without the help of any moving companies. You have an entire household – or office, dorm, or any other location – to pack, and it can be a little overwhelming.

Here at Simple Moves, we understand the hassles associated with packing and moving, and we’re striving to make it as straightforward as possible for you, even if you’ve decided to DIY it! To help, here are some of the most common moving problems and moving tips to help you get around them.

Too many belongings

Many of us are familiar with this problem: you have too many keepsakes from your child’s baby years or too many pieces of antique furniture, and now that you’re moving, you may find yourself at a loss for how to move them. This is where our packing tips for moving come in.

When it comes to moving, sometimes the issue isn’t how much you have but how you pack it. Using professional quality moving boxes is an excellent place to start. From there, you need to be careful with how you place each item into the box. In a way, it’s quite similar to a puzzle. Doing so will allow you to fit as much as possible in each box.

You may also find this the perfect time to clean out your home. If there’s anything you find while packing that you don’t need, consider donating it. Or, if it’s broken or no longer useful, consider throwing it away. This will help you make room without giving up anything important.

Failing to plan your move ahead of time

Life can get busy, and, as a result, you may find yourself without a proper game plan the day of your move. 

If you’re moving without a plan, the best thing you can do is go slow. Work through each room one at a time and make lists whenever you can to help you keep track.

Lost/damaged items

Many moving companies have insurance that can help you repair or replace any items that get lost or break during a move, but when you’re moving by yourself, you may not have that. 

As a result, you’ll have to be extra careful to avoid losing or breaking your precious belongings. Thankfully, there are a few tips to help prevent this.

First, when it comes to preventing losing your items, try to only pack one room at a time. This will help keep you from losing your blender because it’s packed away with the lamp from the living. Suppose you’re able to make multiple trips. In that case, you can even try moving each room at once – this way, even as you unpack, everything stays together. 

You can also use box liners – such as packing peanuts – to help prevent your belongings from breaking, as well as not over packing boxes.

Not enough packing materials

You’re down to the last room in your house to pack – but you’re also down to your last box. Thankfully, there are many ways to get around this issue.

First, you can always purchase more moving supplies in the middle of your move. While it may be a bit inconvenient, it is an option. You can also go to the new location and unpack and reuse the boxes you already have.

However, if you choose this option, remember that used boxes may not be as sturdy as new moving boxes.

Final Thoughts

Moving on your own can be tricky. Many issues can arise, many of which you may not be prepared for. To help make sure your move is as hassle-free as possible, consider hiring a professional moving company.
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