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Ways to Properly Prepare Your Items for Storage

Whether short-term or long-term, storing your items in a storage unit is an effective way to downsize, preserve older items, or store your furniture before moving. Similar to Simple Moves, many moving companies offer their own storage units for customers to utilize when moving. 

Do not panic over owning too many things or not having an appropriate place to keep your grandmother’s vintage lamp. There is a storage solution available for you. If you are moving or simply looking to preserve or downsize, read on to learn more on how to properly prepare your items for storage.

Research Storage Restrictions

The first step you will want to take when searching for a storage unit is researching the restrictions. There are usually rules in place regarding items like firearms, food, hazardous materials, money, and other items you might not have considered. As a general rule of thumb, if it’s regarded as a living object (whether dead or alive) then it’s usually prohibited.

Most of the items you will find in a storage unit are everyday household items like furniture, appliances, clothing, and things you use seasonally, like decorations.

Create an Inventory of Your Items

Once you have decided on a storage unit that offers the ideal storage solutions for you, you will want to move forward and create an inventory of all your items.

Having an inventory allows you to better organize your items and keep track of them. If you misplace an item or think it’s at home when it’s really in storage, an inventory will give you the option to double-check. You will find it comes in handy to have a list of all your items in one place.

These days, many apps are available for your phone that assist with keeping an inventory of your items in a simple and time-efficient way. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can always go the traditional route and keep an inventory using pen and paper. You can do whichever method suits your needs and lifestyle.

Thoroughly Clean and Protect Your Items and Belongings

Before you decide to move your belongings into a storage unit, it’s essential that you clean and protect them first. You will want to ensure that your items are adequately covered or sealed and clean. You can cover your furniture with moving materials like plastic, sheets, tarp, or bubble wrap. 

You will want to disassemble oversized furniture like kitchen tables and bedroom sets and spray them with a protective spray (like wood spray or whatever material your furniture is made of). Also, be sure to vacuum your sofa and inside dresser drawers. It is always good to store items with minimal mess, like crumbs and fibers, to avoid odors and dust.

For appliances and electronics, make sure to remove batteries and leave any fridge or oven doors slightly open to avoid smells. Another way to ensure your items stay in excellent condition is to make sure none of them are wet. You will want to avoid wetness at all costs since it will damage your furniture as well as create an unhealthy environment with mold.

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