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Mistakes to Avoid When Packing and Moving

Whether you’re moving within your current city or to another province, moving locations takes a significant amount of planning. A few of the things you’ll consider when planning a move are researching different moving companies, creating a moving checklist, and scouring the internet for helpful moving tips. 

It is only natural to make mistakes while going through the moving process and to try and make your move a little less stressful, we have created a list of mistakes to avoid when packing and moving.

Not Asking for Help

Moving isn’t usually considered a favourite activity, which is why you may feel hesitant to ask your friends and family for help. But you shouldn’t overthink. Most people understand how stressful it can be and are willing to lend a hand. Make sure you let them know far in advance; nobody enjoys the stress of a last-minute move (unless necessary).

If you aren’t able to enlist family members or friends to help you, you’ll want to look into moving companies. Even with the help of others, it is still a good idea to leave some of the more difficult tasks to the professionals—they’re good at it!

Picking a Moving Company Based Only on the Price

As you research moving companies, you will want to avoid the mistake of picking one based on price. You often get what you pay for. If you find a moving company that offers unusually low prices, you might want to do more research. Make sure you check reviews and call ahead with a list of questions before you hire them. The last thing you want is a shoddy company handling your most valuable possessions.

Booking Your Moving Company Late

Another mistake you should avoid is attempting to book a moving company close to your moving date. Chances are they might not have any availability, and if they do, the services might not be up to par. You’ll want to have time to compile a moving checklist first and create an inventory of all your belongings. Last-minute bookings are often rushed.

Not Using the Proper Packing Materials

We know you value your belongings and want to ensure they are safely stored away; therefore, it’s essential to make sure you use the proper packing materials. This is one moving tip that will help you in the long run.

Make sure you have bubble wrap on hand, as well as packing peanuts and packing paper, which is excellent for filling up empty spaces in between items. Of course, you will need moving boxes or reusable containers; both are great for safely moving your items.

Overpacking Boxes

Once you check to buy the proper packing materials off your moving checklist, you will want to ensure you adequately pack your boxes. One of the biggest packing mistakes you can make is over-packing your boxes. Overpacking can result in boxes breaking during the moving process, and you risk damaging fragile items.

Choosing the Wrong Storage Unit

If you need a storage unit during your move, you will want to make sure you choose one that is safe and secure. Many moving companies provide their own storage units where the movers are happy to help you move your possessions until you’re ready to move.

If you are downsizing, you will also want to find a safe and reliable place to store your belongings. Ensure you do the proper research before choosing where to keep your items

.At Simple Movers, we can assure you that the above mistakes won’t happen if you choose us as your moving company. For professional movers you can rely on, give us a call at 604-210-4117 or request a free quote online using our contact form.