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5 Ways to Learn About a New City before You Move

Are you thinking of moving on to a new city? Then you have plenty to research before you begin looking for jobs and places to move there. Some of these things you need to know include the rental or real estate prices, the average salary, crime statistics, the transit situation, the best and worst neighbourhoods and more.

Thanks to digital advancements, it is now easier to know about a city even when you are not physically present. You can simply use the internet to look. On that note, this article provides you with five different ways you can learn about a city before your move. It lets you know of the tools you can use to become familiar with your future home.

5 Ways to Learn About a New City before You Move
5 Ways to Learn About a New City before You Move

1.  Neighbourhood Databases

Today, there are numerous online databases that collect and analyze data about U.S. cities. For instance, you can find city profiles at These city profiles also include relevant statistics, such as median income levels, cost of living, and average salary. There are also other databases that can provide more information, such as StreetAdvisor and NeighborhoodScout.

2.  The City Hall

If looking for information about the city, one of the best sources is the city itself. So go or call the city hall. You can ask them some resources for new residences. If not, you can visit the city’s official website. There you can find information, shareable guides, and contact information to become familiar with the city.

3.  School Reviews

Great schools are a sign of a great neighbourhood. It said that residents who care about the school in the neighbourhood also care about their community. In that case, if your new neighbourhood has a great school, you can generally say that you are moving to an attractive neighbourhood.

4.  Crime Rate Research

Crime rate databases are important statistics that can tell you if you should move to a new city or not. You can often find this information from the official websites of city police departments. If the data you are looking for is not available online, you can also gather data over the phone. Sites like Family Watchdog, CrimeReports, and SpotCrime also offer this information.

5.  User Forums

There is no more value in terms of learning about a city than user forums. In these places, you can find the information you need from the people living in the city themselves. You can obtain honest feedback from locals and current residents. It also allows you to ask specific questions about the area.

If you are about to move, make sure to learn about the new area you will be moving. Try these methods and become familiar with your new city.