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Choosing the Right Moving Company in Canada

Simple Moves Canada Moving Company Reviews
Simple Moves Canada Moving Company Reviews

If you are thinking about moving, you probably noticed that there are hundreds of Canadian movers to choose from… But which one is the right moving company for you? Let’s dig in, so we can help you find the right mover for your needs.

Simple Moves Canada Moving Company Reviews
Simple Moves Canada Moving Company Reviews

Independent movers vs a Multi-location moving company

Perhaps, the first thing to figure out is whether you would like to move with a small, independent moving company or a larger, multi-location mover? The best way to start your research is to start looking at the size of your home or the distance between locations in mind. If you are moving a house with several bedrooms and a family with kids, you will probably want to book with a larger moving company who has the capacity to service larger moves. However, if you are moving a condo and live by yourself, a smaller, independent mover could be the right fit for your moving needs.

Hourly rates vs Promised Prices

Have you considered choosing the “fixed”, also called “Promised” rate option? Unfortunately, most movers charge by the hour and you are paying for the move from the time your movers leave the yard to the time they get back, including smoke breaks, heavy traffic, trains passing by, and the one guy who is just tired since the morning… Rings a bell? Why leave it to the moving company until the last minute to tell you how much your move “is going to” cost, when you can get Promised Prices from our reputable independent moving company, Simple Moves? You will know before the move how much you will have to pay and you can decide whether that works for you before you move!

Full service vs Moving only

Another factor to consider is whether you plan to request a lot of moving services from your moving company or if you plan to do almost everything yourself. Some people prefer to pack their items and dismantle their beds and have everything organized and ready to go. Others might prefer using packing services and to have the beds taken apart, the wardrobe boxes loaded for them and everything organized nicely at the new home. Whichever way you prefer, make sure you have the right company to tackle your moving needs. Simple Moves provides with complimentary wardrobe boxes, dismantles your beds and reassembles them for you and offers packing services before moving.

Quality vs Speed

This question comes down to your level of worrying about your furniture. Some movers will not want to wrap your furniture and will want to move everything as-is, quickly out the door. That’s certainly one way to move, but focusing only on transporting the furniture as fast as possible can lead to damages and a bad experience for the Client. Qualified, trained movers are the better way to go! What type of move would you prefer? Seeing your uncovered furniture stacked in the truck and worrying about your brand new sofa’s corners, table legs, etc.? Or the one where you see the movers wrapping your precious belongings carefully and protecting your home with floor protectors and rail padding? The moving day is always an important one for the Client as well as the movers at Simple Moves who will be happy to serve you.

Lots of moving company reviews vs Very little online activity

For most of the people who are planning to move the process of finding the moving company which would take care of their needs in the best way could seem a bit complicated and unclear. Since we live in a world driven by interconnected networks, it is not easy to make the right choice when looking for moving companies. However, there is one tool which can pretty easily save a customer from this burden. You probably already guessed it – it’s the internet. Reviews left by other customers are perfect to steer to the right direction. People who were in the same situation can share their fears, surprises, feelings, and experiences with others. These small first steps can help you have the best move of your life and it is definitely a good idea to invest some time in it. Simple Moves are currently at 98% on the site HomeStars – be sure to check out the reviews there! Each and everyone is different. Moving from Downtown Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, North Vancouver, Coquitlam and other areas in the city of Vancouver, doing storage moves, moving from one, two, three, four, five bedroom apartments – just contact Simple Moves and your specific needs will be taken care of.

Over the phone quotes vs in-person consultations

Over the phone, quotes are really common and the reason for that is clear – it takes only a few minutes to get a quote via phone which should make the process of choosing a moving company much easier. However, a lot of Clients are missing out on the opportunity to participate in the in-person consultation. Consultations are free and take only about an hour but Clients often neglect the benefits. Over the phone quotes are just one piece of information and since every move is different why is the quality, the preparations, insurance is taken out of the equation? Moving requires planning and attention – this is what Simple Moves excels in with the company’s in-person consultations. Here, the Clients can discuss their needs with their Move Consultant for the move to be planned and completed as smoothly as possible.

Let your local Simple Moves moving company help you

It is always at least a little bit stressful to move since it means change, but as Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens unless something moves”. So let the professional and friendly movers at Simple Moves welcome you to a move with minimized stress.