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Here’s How You Can Take The Stress Out Of Long-Distance Moves

Moving is stressful, even if you’re only moving a block away – but a long-distance move? Yikes.

With moving, packing always seems to take longer than anticipated. There are logistical items like utility transfers, getting quotes from long-distance moving companies, and more. But, with some proper planning, your long-distance move doesn’t have to be something that fills you with dread.

Today, we’ve put together a mini-guide on how you can take the stress out of long-distance moving.

How Long-distance/Large Moves Differ From Small Moves

Firstly, it’s important to understand how long-distance moves differ from small moves. Long-distance moves are generally considered to be over 160 kilometres and can involve both provincial and international borders.

You will also have to consider additional costs for long-haul gas mileage, driving duration, and even wear and tear on the moving vehicle, and this will usually be baked into your quote.

It’s important to find a moving company that is honest and diligent with both the proper insurance and licensing. 

How To Plan And Schedule Interprovincial Moves

Proper planning is essential to a successful moving operation. If it’s just you or you and a spouse, it can be a little easier. When you add children into the mix – it can get a little unpredictable. Here are the top four considerations for an easy move:

  1. Set a budget: Having an ironclad budget that leaves room for emergencies is key. This should include a firm estimate from your long distance-moving company, healthy snacks and meals for the road, furniture costs, storage costs, utility transfer/hookup costs, and petty cash.
  2. Get organized: Ensure you and your family’s essential pieces of ID are up to date so that you don’t run into any travel difficulties. With COVID-19 placing restrictions on some provincial borders, ensure you fill out that province’s applicable travel form well ahead of time and make plans for self-isolation should the province require it.
  3. Pack smart: Once you know that you’ll be moving, get packing. Make a list or a spreadsheet of valuables and update accordingly. Start with items that don’t see a lot of use, such as seasonal clothing, and work your way up to those last-minute toiletries.
  4. Get long haul moving quotes: Be sure to gather a few quotes from moving companies near you. Ensure that they’re reputable and keep an eye on reviews as well as word of mouth to ensure you’re getting an unbiased look at how they operate. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of their packages and offerings, such as whether or not they offer full-service moving if this falls under your requirements.

Consider Storage Options

Moving, for a lot of individuals, means downsizing. Consider the items that need to come with you and items that you’d like to store for later use. A great example of this is an antique dining table set. You may not require it for your new dwelling but not have the time to restore it and put it up for sale or auction. 

A reputable storage company will offer varying monthly rates to suit your storage needs and ensure that your items stay safe and dry until you’re ready to come to collect them.

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