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If you’re stuck wondering where to find trusted and reliable house movers near you, then you’ve come to the right place! Our commitment to our clients and ensuring the safe and efficient transport of their belongings is why Simple Moves is an award moving company. We are a proud team of long-distance movers in Vancouver, offering long-distance moving solutions that are straightforward, simple, and efficient.

At Simple Moves, we understand that moving can be hard and stressful work. But it doesn’t need to be. With our trusted team of professionals, you won’t ever break a sweat. Or a glass. We will worry about the big stuff, and the small stuff too. From packing to wrapping, lifting to transport, let us handle it with care. We will do it all. The only thing you’ll have to do is show up at your new place and start a new and exciting phase in your life!

If you’re moving long-distance and you want to use the services of one of the best long-distance moving companies near you, you’ve come to the right place! Our specialized long-haul services can be customized to accommodate your budget without compromising our commitment to professionalism and expediency. Client satisfaction is our number one priority and that is why our team can be trusted to handle and transport even the most delicate or precious items to their destination without so much as a scratch or a nick.

We understand that every family is different and that every situation is unique. To accommodate every need, we have tailored a variety of service levels, each designed to get your precious possessions safely to your destination, in the manner that will suit your preferences best.

A long-distance move is defined as being a service that loads and relocates a large volume of items from one location to another, with a space greater than 160 kilometres between them.

Simple Moves offers both long-stance hauling services and local moves if you’re seeking furniture movers in North Vancouver. Our service is detail-oriented and our team has the experience to make your long-distance move feel simple, quick, and effortless.

Our Long Distance Moving Services

Long-distance moving is a unique service that requires tact, care, and incredible tenacity from our teams. As a company, we take care of our workers to ensure they have the physical and mental resources to deliver excellent service to you. We also understand that each moving case is unique. We offer a particular, Dedicated Long Distance Moving service, which means that you are the only Client in the shipment, whether we use trucks or shipping containers. What is even better is that we guarantee both the timeline and the price!

If you are moving Intra-provincially or across the country, nerves and stress might dominate the experience unless you have a reliable team that can assist with your customized needs. Our services include:

  • Full-service move – This involves a comprehensive moving service. All you have to do is ensure that our teams have access to the relevant premises when it is needed. All you have to do is turn up. We will pack your belongings, load them, unload them at your destination and unpack.
  • Moving only – When you are confident in your packing skills and have all the suitable materials (uniform-shaped and high quality), why not do the packing and organizing yourself? We will come and load your pre-packed items and deliver them to your desired destination.
  • (available soon!) Self-Service – We will deliver a container to your home, which you can load yourself as it best suits you. We will be back to collect it and move it to your new premises safely and efficiently. You will meet us at your new destination where we can assist you in unloading it.
  • Vehicle Shipping –  The best practice is to have your vehicle shipped via train. It is inexpensive, does not add kilometres and your vehicle is safe in a train car. You get the “door-to-door vehicle moving service” for the same price as booking the “depot to depot” when you book with Simple Moves. You are allowed to transport an emergency package, and up to 4 spare tires (+1 the one that already came with your vehicle), but shipping any other item with the vehicle is not allowed. Your vehicle has to have a working e-brake, and please have the fuel tank only half-full. Comes with body insurance. Your vehicle may get dusty from its adventure. From Vancouver to Toronto or Toronto to Vancouver it takes about 4 weeks. Vehicle Shipping from Vancouver to Montreal or Montreal to Vancouver is approximately a 5-week wait. From Vancouver to Edmonton and Calgary or Edmonton and Calgary to Vancouver to Alberta it takes about 2 weeks.

How to Choose the Right Long Distance Moving Company

When you’re planning a long-distance move, the prospect of choosing the perfect Langley movers for you might be quite daunting. You’re trusting an unknown group of people to move your precious belongings across the province or the country — it’s a big decision. How can you tell that you’re hiring a trusted and reliable moving company with your valuable cargo?

Insurance: You should only hire insured service providers — and trusted long-distance mover that cares about your possessions will have insurance. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to ensuring absolutely no losses, even if the unforeseeable occurs. At Simple Moves, we carry WCB, Liability and Cargo insurance covering the entire long-distance moving process.

Licences: Ask to see a moving company’s licenses before you hire them. This guarantees you that they are following the industry’s best practices. Check with local associations and moderating bodies to see if the company is an entity that is known and familiar in the industry.

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Simple Moves Homestars Best Movers Award Winner

Awards and special recognition: It’s not a requirement that movers in Burnaby should have won an award or belong to affiliations. However, it certainly helps build trust and assures you that you’re dealing with a prestigious service provider. It would be best if you enrolled in the services of an award-winning long-distance mover with very high standards. Simple Moves is an award-winning service provider.

Why Choose Simple Moves?

Make moving simple with your local movers in Vancouver. It doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. We can get you from your hometown, where your previous life has been, to your new town where a fresh start awaits. If you want a stress-free journey and a happy new beginning, you’ll be needing:

  • Dedicated and professional service providers. The Simple Moves team knows the roads and frequently travel long distances. We have discovered the best ways to get the job done.
  • Strong arms to lift, move, carry, and gently transport heavy items that are potentially delicate.
  • Moving services in Langley with a reliable vehicle that carries the necessary paperwork for public and commercial use and is prepared for long-distance travel.
  • A team of drivers that won’t make risky moves or rush to get the job done. Steady, solid and experienced drivers with respect for the open road. Whether you are moving in the winter or any other time.
  • An award-winning company offers additional services such as loading and unloading, transportation, moving pads/ blankets, unpacking, disassembling and reassembling furniture.
  • Movers with storage near you.

We’re an Award-Winning Company

The HomeStars Award is exclusively awarded to companies in the home service industry that meet certain criteria. Genuine and proven positive feedback from clients (this is verified) and a track record of high standards and success distinguish businesses that have earned this award from others.

The HomeStars Award assures consumers that they are dealing with a well-established company that has earned a good reputation. SimpleMoves is proud to have such an award. Our excellent service and dedication to exceeding expectations have qualified us for this honour.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for businesses and individuals that are undertaking a move. We also are awarded as best movers in Langley by ThreeBestRated and Houzz.

Ready to Get Moving?

Ready to plan a simple move? Simple Moves is here to assist. Kindly reach out to us for a quote, and our team will help you plan a hassle-free experience.