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Expert Advice When Moving in the Summer

The summer is the peak season for moving. Maybe because no one wants to move during snowy winter or rainy spring and fall, so people opt for summer. There are risks involved with a summer move, and these can become detrimental if not appropriately handled. Here is our expert advice for moving during the summer, which is right around the corner.

· Prepare Beforehand

Start preparing for moving day at least six weeks in advance (read out last blog post). Clean your old home from unnecessary items and pack and label everything neatly. Knowing where every box goes is vital for preventing headaches when unpacking.

· Schedule Everything In Advance

It is more expensive to move during the summer, as many others move then, so you should schedule any help or rentals in advance. Decide on a moving company, hire them in advance, and schedule everyone to be available on moving day. Or if you are doing the move yourself, make sure the moving truck is rented, and you’ve told your friends and family to save the day.

· Pack Sensitive Items Separately

Summer heat can damage sensitive items like electronics and musical instruments. Pack your TV (if possible) in its original box and transport it in your air-conditioned car. The same goes for your guitars, as leaving them in a hot car during summer may  damage them

· Start Moving Day as Early as Possible

When moving day comes around, start as early in the day as possible. You can start even before the sun rises to take advantage of the cooler morning. You can help avoid heat strokes and sunburns with this simple foresight.

·Dress Light and Have Sunscreen Ready

Dress appropriately on moving day. Even if it is sweltering heat, to protect your body, wear close-toed shoes, quality socks, and a cotton or linen long-sleeve shirt, preventing overexposure to the sun. Apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on the exposed skin – face, neck, ears, arms, and legs and use water-resistant sunscreen that will not wash away as you sweat. Also, have the sunscreen handy for any helpers who’ve forgotten it.

·Bring a Large Supply of Cold Water

Water is essential during moving day, as all the lifting and hauling boxes will dehydrate anyone. So, make sure you have a good supply of cold water for every one of your helpers. Have paper cups ready so people can use tap water if necessary.

· Have an Ice Cooler Handy

Fill a cooler with ice and put hand towels inside to keep them cold. They will help people freshen up while moving in the summer heat, as dabbing with a cold towel can lower body temperature. Also, the ice will help keep your water supply cold to prevent overheating and severe harm.

· Turn The AC In Your New Home Before Moving

Don’t forget to have the utilities on and set the AC to turn on before you arrive in your new home. Having a cooled-down house when the movers arrive to haul the boxes and load the moving vans is vital to keep anyone safe. The same goes for your new home, so they are met with a colder air-conditioned home when people start unloading your things.

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