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How to Move Bulky and Heavy Objects With Ease

Moving house is always going to take a bit of effort. Dealing with years of accumulated belongings and sorting through everything is sure to cause a headache. There’s a reason why moving is regularly said to rank as one of the most stressful activities a human can do!

Don’t worry, though—there are plenty of moving tips and tricks to help make your move as easy as it can be, and in this article we’re going to hone in on some of the best ways you can make moving those large objects easier. Let’s get started! 

Remove as Much as You Can

First things first: when moving a large cupboard or chest of drawers, make sure that you’ve taken out all of the things that can possibly be taken out. This means removable components, parts, and contents of the furniture. 

It may sound obvious, but taking all of the bits and bobs out of your armoire will make your life a million times easier when trying to carry it down flights of stairs, or jamming it into the elevator.

Use Appropriate Moving Tools

From simple trolleys with a rope attached to the classic dolly, these moving supplies are essential if you’re looking to save time during your relocation. 

Which one is most appropriate for your move is going to depend on the landscape you’ll be navigating. If there are small steps, a dolly is recommended, but if it’s relatively flat and you want to take more items per trip, a trolley is probably your best move. Using a professional moving van is also important; they usually come with a tail lift as standard, meaning that loading your items on and off the van will be as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Protect Your Items During the Move 

When moving your belongings it’s important to make sure that they are well secured during the move. There’s nothing worse than taking your trolley over a bump and watching your favourite vase getting smashed on the cobbles! 

There are a few different ways of doing this; securing everything with bungee cords is one option, along with making sure that anything breakable is covered with bubble or paper-wrap to prevent the worst from happening. Being your own moving company isn’t easy!

Protect Doorways

What do we mean by this? You can protect your doorways by covering the edges with styrofoam and tape, creating a soft buffer to prevent passing furniture from scuffing it or chipping paint.

You can also tape your door up with any soft material such as cloth or old packing material. It’s a simple move that will only take you an extra couple of minutes, but could save you the hassle of carrying out minor repairs/paint jobs on your doorframe!

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

When moving, it’s important that you have full mobility of your body. This means wearing clothes that don’t obstruct the full motion of your body, but are not too loose so that they get caught on things. Ideally, sportswear fits the bill. What’s more, if you are moving heavy appliances such as a washing machine or fridge, make sure your footwear has adequate protection for your toes.

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