Simple Moves & Storage

Tips for Moving in Together

You and your significant other finally decided to move in together. You’ve taken such a big move in your relationship. Moving together means an exciting time you can become closer and aligning your lives even more so than they already were. There are so many benefits to these but there are also difficulties. The most immediate would be the process of moving in.

Take a Look at Both Yours and Your S.O.’s Stuff

When moving in together, there is plenty of stuff to sort out. It is most likely you will find things that duplicate when you move in, like two coffee tables, two sets of kitchen utensils, etc. You will also find things you don’t want anymore. You will also probably ditch the big stuff like sofas and dressers if doesn’t fit in your new place. Sort out your stuff for all these things.

Where to Move – Yours, Theirs or to a New Place?

Where do you plan to move in? Will you move into your place, your partners or find a new place? When deciding, there are a number of factors to consider such as the commutes, neighborhood amenities, pet accommodations, safety, and more. If either of your places does not make it, start getting a short list of the locations you can begin searching.

Decide Which of Your Stuff to Keep, Donate, or Toss

You’ve taken a look at all your stuff and now, it’s time to decide which items to keep, donate, and toss. Remember that all stuff you keep can add to the cost of your move. If your space is limited, you have to keep it in mind when sorting your stuff. Get rid of the big and duplicate stuff by selling or donating. Just keep the things you absolutely need.

Money Matters

One of the beauties and eye-opening aspects of living together is both of you becomes more involved in each other’s financial lives. You will now be sharing responsibilities in the household like the basic necessities. You may feel somewhat awkward thinking you’ve lost privacy and control over your finances.

This might result in a conflict in your relationship. But just like any other aspects of a relationship, the key is communication. To avoid this, you must sit down and discuss it as soon as possible. At the earliest possible, you should address your fears and worries about your finances.  Particularly, discuss your share of the expenses and financial obligations.