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What you Need to Know About Large Moves & Kids

As the countdown moves closer to your large move, you may have noticed that your little ones are also expressing some big feelings. 

With the thought of moving home, it’s not uncommon for your children, especially older ones, to begin showing signs of anxiety and discomfort about their new situation. As a parent, this can be concerning.

We hear you, and that’s why we’ve created this helpful guide. From understanding your child’s feelings and where they stem from to helping them feel excited about the move, it’s all included for making large moves with children easier – plus some tips for moving out.

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Why Kids Can Get Upset About Moving – Especially Older Ones

It’s normal for anyone to be upset about a move, but children may feel incredibly anxious.

Think about it – depending on how young your child is, they may have lived in your home their entire lives. Even the thought of moving can be scary.

Older children aren’t free from worry either. They’ve had more time in the area, which means more relationships and friendships they may have to leave behind for a new home.

Depending on how far you’re moving and how long you have lived in your home, this can be unsettling, especially during those tricky teenage years.

How To Deal With Moving Anxieties

Whether you’re moving with a teenager or a toddler, one of the best ways to help your child overcome any moving anxiety is to keep them involved.

For older children, involvement can look different. They may feel resentment for large moves because it’s a situation that’s out of their control. Feeling this way when so many essential parts of their lives are changing can be difficult.

To help settle your older child’s anxiety and feelings of lack of control, give them situations to dictate. This doesn’t have to be anything big. Let your older child pick out their new room, for instance, or the paint colour they want for the walls.

Feeling involved will give them something to be enthusiastic about, helping to ease their worries. 

For younger children, much of their worry stems from the unknown. To help them, it’s important to set an example for how they should be feeling. Be open to any questions they may have and answer with enthusiasm and excitement. 

You can also make moving a more positive experience for younger children by including games and activities.

Games And Activities For Making Moving A Positive Experience

One of the best moving tips we have for families is to make moving fun by including games and activities. While this may not be beneficial for older children, you’ll find that turning moving into a game can make a difference for your younger ones. 

Games and activities don’t have to be anything serious. A simple scavenger hunt can help your child have fun while also helping get packing finished. 

You can also let your child decorate the moving boxes or dance to music while they pack. If you have more than one child, competition can be fun – especially with reward incentives like picking dinner for the night!

Take the Stress out of Moving with Simple Moves

Big moves can be stressful enough without the hassle of actually moving. From planning to packing, the process of moving can take a lot of time away from other things you may need to be doing, such as switching over services or comforting your children.

That’s why you may want to consider hiring a team of professional movers to make the whole process go smoothly. 

Simple Moves is a professional moving company specializing in short and long-distance moves and storage and moving-out cleaning. Our team of trained movers is ready to help you open this new chapter in your life, no matter whether you’re moving across the country or just down the street. 
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