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How to Effectively Settle Into Your New Home

Just settling into a new house can be challenging enough without all the work involved in making it feel like home. However, while it may seem daunting at first, peace and comfort are just a few steps away.

In fact, some of the easiest ways to make your new house feel like home are transferring over your services as soon as possible, securing your new house, and decorating to turn a blank canvas into a space you’ll love.

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Transfer Your Utilities and Other Services

One of the first tasks on your moving checklist should be to transfer over your utilities and other services. After all, it can be hard to feel at home in a house with no water or cable. So to make settling into your new home as easy as possible, ensure that your utilities are switched over at the earliest opportunity. 

While it may not always be possible to have them switched to your new home before moving in, you should aim to have your utilities and services within the first few days of living in your new house.

Secure Your Home

It can be challenging to settle down somewhere you don’t feel 100% safe. That’s why many people struggle to feel comfortable in temporary accommodation such as hotels. 

To make your new property feel like home, consider investing in quality security. This doesn’t always mean you need to install an electrical alarm system – though that’s always recommended too – but when you’re first moving in, a simple alteration you can make to give you peace of mind is changing the locks. 

If you’ve already moved the rest of your furniture in, you can also try this old tried and true method: putting a chair underneath your door handle! While this doesn’t compare to some other options available, it can help secure your new home in a pinch for a little more peace of mind.

Decorate and Make it Your Own

Nothing says home sweet home like your property being decorated just the way you want it.

Everyone has their own unique style, from farmhouse to alternative, and it’s these tiny details that help us find comfort in our surroundings. A new home can feel foreign with its blank walls and surfaces, but it’s just a fresh canvas ready for you to make your own.

Get to Know Your New Area

One reason that your previous house felt like home was that you knew the area. You knew where the closest park was, where your friends lived and which grocery store kept your favourite items in stock. 

When you move to a new home, it can feel unfamiliar because it is unfamiliar. You haven’t yet learned the streets or amenities around you, and as a result, you can feel trapped in a house that isn’t yet home either.

This means that one of the best ways to settle in your new place is simply to leave it for a while and go explore. 

While you’re taking a break from unpacking and decorating, take a short trip around town. Until you’re more comfortable with your surroundings, always make sure to bring your phone and charger in case you need to search for directions.


One of our number one moving tips? Take time to relax. 

Moving into a new home can be stressful, and you’ll want to budget enough time to relax so that you can enjoy the process. However, when you’re trying to move on your own, taking some time out can be impossible.
Whatever your situation, you may find it best to consider using professional moving services to help plan your move and make it as stress-free as possible.

Take the Stress out of Moving with Simple Moves

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