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4 Expert Tips to Have a Smooth Moving Day

You are about to embark on a fresh start and move your home, which is an exciting change! However, not everything is smooth sailing, as you need to move all your earthly possessions from your old to your new home. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you can save yourself some trouble and prepare for moving day beforehand. We’ve prepared four essential tips to help based on our long-term experience in moving.

1. Start Your Moving Plan Six Weeks in Advance

Don’t wait to start preparing for moving at the last minute. Instead, start planning your move at least six weeks in advance, going over every room in your old home and planning where everything will go in your new home. If things don’t match or can’t fit in your new home, you can put them in storage, sell or donate them. Instead of going through the trouble of moving them to your new home and learning the hard way they need to go.

2.Declutter and purge your belongings

Reviewing your possessions can help you declutter and remove unused things, so you don’t have to go through the trouble moving them to your new house. If you have any unwanted items, organize a yard sale, sell them on Marketplace, or donate them to Goodwill. If you have not used something in years in your old home, it is very likely to stay unused in your new home, so don’t bother moving it. After decluttering, start packing and labeling everything with its new location, and any special handling instructions to prevent damaging your things.

1.Pack A First-Night Box

Unpacking and putting everything where it should go in your new home can take days, so pack an overnight bag with essential necessities. Toiletries, towels, medicine, one or two change of clothes, essential cleaning supplies, and basic electronics and chargers should always be handy. Pack these in your car and take them with you. You never know what you’ll need and taking a nice shower and putting a fresh pair of clothes on after a whole day of hauling boxes is always nice!

2 Hire Expert Movers

hire a professional moving company with knowledgeable staff, local expertise (don’t want to get a truck stuck on a big hill) and logistical support that will do the heavy lifting. You’ll save lots of time and headaches, and you can have your new home set up faster than expected.